Tall Women's clothing for every stage of life, LAUNCHING FALL 2018

Sizing Chart

Please read the details and check our size charts below before placing your order!

Pants Size Chart

As a general rule, order your pre-pregnancy size. But some of you tall gals don't get much wider when pregnant, and you look like you have a little basketball right out front. Lucky you! If you are in that category, it is possible you may need to order down if you are between sizes. Maternity sizing is not a perfect science, and it doesn't help that all companies vary a bit in their sizing. So going by your regular size is a starting point, but it is always best to measure for your "Maternity Hip Size" and compare it to our charts just to be sure. Where is the hip measurement taken? Around your lower hips, at what is usually the widest part of the rear. Our waistbands are designed to stretch with your belly as it grows, so you don't need to worry about your waist measurement....just the hips. (Actual pants measurements may vary just slightly, depending on the fabric and style of the pants chosen.) All pants (in all sizes) have 36-38" inseams as specified. Allow about 1/2" variance. See individual product pages for inseam options on each style.
RG Maternity Pants Maternity Hip Size
X-Small Size 2 37-38”
Small Size 4-6 39-40”
Medium Size 8-10 41-42”
Large Size 12 43-44”
X-Large Size 14-16 46-47”
XX-Large Size 18 49-50"
XXX-Large Size 20-22 51-52"

Shirts Size Chart

All shirts have extra length in the torso, and also in the sleeves (on long-sleeve styles). Sizing is based on a general bust size, but actual measurements vary, depending on the style of the shirt (fitted or loose).
RG Maternity Tops Size Maternity Bust Size
Small 37-38"
Medium 39-40"
Large 41-42"
X-Large 44-45"
2X-Large 47-48"
3X-Large 50-52"