10 Spring/Summer Trends For 2022

10 Spring/Summer Trends For 2022

A new season brings about new trends, with certain looks being seen on the runway, in magazines, on social media, and in real life.

With the warmer months finally arriving, there are particular designs that are on the rise and that will continue to remain popular.

While not every fad mentioned below will suit everyone’s sense of style, it is always worth knowing what is trending. Plus, at The Elevated Closet, we encourage you to be bold, brave, and beautiful, stepping out of your comfort zone and rocking a variety of outfits. So who knows … You may just discover your new favorite fashion direction, right here and right now!

Cute Colors & Pretty Prints

It is true that, really, any color, print, and/or design can be worn at any time, especially since certain ones (like black) are so beloved and so classic. However, there are always varieties that seem to be worn, at times, more than others.

For this year’s spring and summer seasons, that would be stripes and hot pink. Yes, horizontal and vertical lines both are being spotted on swimsuits, purses, and pants, while a vibrant shade that looks like bubblegum is being chosen for stand-out dresses, suits, and shoes. 

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Darling Details

This year, the world can also expect to see two details more and more … details that add an extra oomph to ensembles.

First up, there are cutouts, allowing for a little bit of skin to be put on display.

There is also fringe, which is a fun addition to skirts and jackets, in particular. 

Particular Pieces 

When it comes to specific clothing items that are trending and will continue to do so, there are four that we think are worth mentioning: coordinated sets, blazers, bras worn as tops, and maxi dresses.

Sets come in an array of colors and styles, but this season, they look extra fab in pastels. For those wanting to get in on the blazer trend, try an oversized one thrown over a T-shirt and paired with some jeans. If you are feeling extra bold, though, you can get in on two fads at once by wearing a pretty bra, bralette, or brami (and nothing else!) underneath a blazer.

As mentioned above, there are styles that never really become unpopular; they just have peaks now and then, that make them seen and worn more than usual. That is where maxi dresses come in, as The Elevated Closet is known for its long and lovely dress options and was offering them way before they earned their place on lists like this in 2022.

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Ways To Wear

Something else to keep in mind is ways to wear outfits. And for the next few months, you should consider layering garments, as well as clothes with a sporty vibe.

Layers can be created in different ways, such as adding a piece of outerwear, wearing a shirt over a shirt, opting for a thin sweater under a warm-weather dress, and belting looks made up of, say, a blouse, a vest, and a coat. 

To experience the sports-inspired trend that is happening right now (and that we, of course, love), try channeling your inner Sporty Spice. Think about sneakers with an outfit instead of heels or flats. Experiment with dressing up leggings. Look for pieces with athletic accents like mesh or varsity-style numbers.

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Now that we have covered 10 of the trends to be on the lookout for and to try out yourself, tell us: Which is your favorite?


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