The Elevated Closet, clothing for tall women!

The Elevated Closet, clothing for tall women!

The Elevated Closet is a great resource for tall women looking for stylish and well-fitting clothing. Here are the top 5 items from The Elevated Closet that are perfect for tall women:

  1. Tall Jeans: Tall jeans are a staple in any tall woman's wardrobe. They are designed with longer inseams, so they fit perfectly on a tall frame without the dreaded high waters keeping tall women’s ankles cold. The Elevated Closet has a great selection of tall jeans in a few styles with inseams starting at 36 inches and going up to 38 inches.
  2. Tall Tops: Finding tops that are long enough to cover a tall torso can be a challenge, but The Elevated Closet has got you covered. They offer a variety of tops, from casual t-shirts to dressy blouses, all with extended lengths to flatter a tall figure.
  3. Tall Dresses: Dresses can be especially difficult for tall women to find, as many styles are too short or don't fit properly on a tall frame. The Elevated Closet has a range of tall dresses that are both stylish and functional, with extended lengths and adjusted proportions to fit a tall body.
  4. Tall Outerwear: Winter can be especially tough for tall women, as it can be hard to find coats and jackets that are long enough in the body and sleeves to keep you warm. The Elevated Closet has a selection of tall outerwear options, including cardigans and bomber jackets.
  5. Large Women’s Shoes: Shoes can also be a challenge for tall women, as many styles are not carried in sizes over 10. The Elevated Closet has a range of comfy casual walking shoes in cute feminine colors and are available in sizes 10-14. Some styles come in sizes up to a 16.

Overall, these top 5 items from The Elevated Closet are perfect for tall women because they are specifically designed to fit and flatter a tall frame. No more struggling to find clothes that fit properly or settling for styles that don't quite work. With The Elevated Closet, tall women can find stylish and well-fitting clothing that makes them feel confident and comfortable.

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