Meet Jordan Adams-Smith, 6'4" Tall Brand Owner

Meet Jordan Adams-Smith, 6'4" Tall Brand Owner

Jordan Smith is the owner and CEO of The Elevated Closet, a women's tall clothing brand that is dedicated to helping tall women find stylish and fashionable clothing that fits their unique body type.

Growing up, Jordan struggled to find clothes that fit her 6 foot 4 inch tall frame and often felt self-conscious about her height. She was tired of settling for ill-fitting clothing and wanted to create a brand that would celebrate tall women and their unique style.

That's when The Elevated Closet was born. Jordan purchased The Elevated Closet, a formally exclusively tall maternity brand, and began by offering a small selection of extended length tops and dresses, but quickly expanded the brand to include a wide range of clothing options for tall women. From trendy jeans and leggings to stylish tops and dresses, The Elevated Closet has something for every tall woman's wardrobe.

Jordan is passionate about helping tall women feel confident and stylish in their own skin. She understands the struggles that tall women face when it comes to finding clothes that fit, and she is dedicated to providing a solution. Jordan works closely with her team to design and curate a collection of clothing that is both fashionable and functional for tall women.

The Elevated Closet has quickly become a go-to destination for tall women looking for fashionable and high-quality clothing. Jordan's dedication to her customers and her passion for tall women's fashion have made The Elevated Closet a success.

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